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Colors That Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Bathroom redesign in Burlington


Bathrooms are one of the most regularly used rooms in your house. Just about everyone who enters your home will most likely use it at some point during their stay. For some of us though, we were given only a small bathroom to work with, which can make you and your guests feel cramped and confined. As such, you’ve tried to spruce up your bathroom with decorations and the latest furnishings, but no matter what you do, nothing ever seems to help. In today’s blog, the professional bathroom remodeling company at Concept Kitchen and Bath will go over a few colors you can use to help make your bathroom look bigger, making it more inviting for everyone who uses it.

Before you paint your bathroom though, know that every color will not be the right fit for your bathroom. Colors evoke certain emotions in people, and certain rooms of the house, such as the bathroom, have their own atmosphere. You’ll want to pick a calming or neutral color for your lavatory, as it is a place to unwind and relax. Below are just a few colors to choose from, but feel free to put your own twist on it as you see fit.


Who knew that something as small as a penny could make your bathroom look big? Copper and other metallic colors are very popular right now, but copper is more than just a fad. Adding elegance and a sense of wealth to your bathroom, copper will also help open the room up, making it seem bigger. Since copper is a dark and earthy color, incorporate lighter accents to help brighten the room up just slightly. For instance, use lighter pieces of tile to offset the darker tones of the copper. If you want to add even more elegance, a lighter marble or quartz countertop would look great with your copper colored bathroom.

Powder Blue

If you’re not into bold colors for your bathroom, then a nice, calming powder blue is perfect for you. Serene and relaxing, powder blue will remind bathroom goers of the sky or ocean on a calm sunny day. Blue is one of the most popular colors around and gives the feeling of trust, stability, intelligence, wisdom, and more. Pair darker accents, like darker shades of blue, with your powder blue to really make it stand out. If you’d like to mix in unrelated colors, a similar or somewhat brighter shade of yellow will go great with your powder blue bathroom.


Don’t be afraid to go to the dark side when trying to rejuvenate your bathroom. Lavatories with plenty of lighting will look great in black, but for those with bathrooms that have dim lighting or are in darker areas of the house, you may want to consider a different color. Black conveys strength while also giving off tones of elegance and sophistication. To counteract the dark colors, add brighter accents, like white or silver. Add plenty of light, and your bathroom will look bigger in no time at all.

At Concept Kitchen and Bath, we hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful and informative. Learn more about Concept Kitchen and Bath, view our gallery of previous projects, or contact us to answer any questions and get your free quote for your new renovation project.